Adding Google Analytics to your CocoaPod


You can add other Pods to your Pod as a dependency defined in your .PODSPEC file: do |s|

  s.dependency = 'PodName'


Then all you need to do is run pod install.

Adding Google Analytics

But if you try to add 'Google/Analytics' as dependency, you are :poop: out of luck. ( At least I was, as I could not find any other way to add it. )

It’s great that Google is using Cocoapods to distribute their SDK, but it is still the same crappy Obj-C Static library.

So, to avoid conflicts with frameworks and static libraries I decided to download Analytics SDK and add all files (.h headers and .a libraries) to my Pod in path:


Then I updated my .PODSPEC file: do |s|

  s.source_files = 'Pod/Classes/**/*'
  s.libraries = 'sqlite3', 'c++', 'icucore', 'z'
  s.frameworks = 'CoreData', 'Foundation', 'SystemConfiguration'
  s.vendored_libraries  = 'Pod/Classes/Libraries/Analytics/libGoogleAnalyticsServices.a', 'Pod/Classes/Libraries/Analytics/libAdIdAccess.a'


After this, pod lib lint is finally not throwing any warning or errors at me.

Martin Púčik

Martin Púčik

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